Inspiration: DIY Ink Stamps

I hate feeling daunted when I craft something new for the first time, especially when it is something as simple as making a DIY ink stamp – something I’m sure people can make in their sleep. But that is exactly how I felt when tasked with making my own DIY stamp last week.

One way I’ve found of eradicating the ‘fear’ of starting a new craft project from scratch, is to gather together a handful of inspiring how-to’s that help me understand the different tried & tested methods and materials out there. Armed with all of these ideas and instructions, you can’t go wrong!

Here’s my round-up of simple DIY stamp tutorials:

DIY Stamp Inspiration

To read the full tutorials, visit:

1. DIY Heart Cork Stamp, Shelley Makes | 2. DIY Stamp Village, Fellow Fellow | 3. Cork Stamps, Design Mom | 4. Eraser Heart Prints, Cotton & Flax

The nicest thing about these tutorials, is that they highlight the fact that there really is no right or wrong way – you can use so many different materials from rubbers, to corks, to foam – either carving stamps from scratch, or upcycling shapes and sticking them on to easy-to-hold implements.

It really couldn’t be simpler – why not start with a basic stamp like I did, and work your way up to more intricate creations? That’s certainly my aim – watch this space! =)

3 thoughts on “Inspiration: DIY Ink Stamps

    • Hi there,

      I recycled my corks from used wine bottles, so you might be able to pick these up for free from a restaurant? That said, you can also buy a pack of 30 from Amazon for about £2.50.

      I was given the foam hearts in a Mister Maker craft kit, but you can buy them from all craft stores such as Hobbycraft or even WHSmith. They often come in standard craft packs so you might find them in a supermarket ‘Back to School’ aisle, for example.

      I ordered my ink stamp from Amazon but again, there are loads of suppliers, and there’s a lot of choice of size and colours; the average price seems to be around £2 – £4 per stamp.

      Hope that answers your question, and good luck if you give it a go!

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