Easy DIY Origami Easter Bunnies

This time last year I found a tutorial to make some really easy (yet excessively cute) DIY origami Easter bunnies. They were filled with chocolate mini eggs and given to friends, family and neighbours.

DIY Origami Easter Bunny - Shelley Makes (19)

You can find the DIY tutorial over at Oh So Very Pretty. The initial design is by someone called Jacky Chan, and Leyla Torres has done a helpful YouTube video if you’re a visual learner like me!

All you need to make this dead easy DIY is some square origami paper (or any paper cut into a square) – mine is from Tiger, and some chocolate eggs for the innards! (chicks optional).

If you want to make a baby rabbit as well, just create a smaller square – it’s a bit more fiddly, but totally do-able, and they certainly have the ‘awe’ factor. This one is as big as my mini chick.

If you like these mini origami Easter bunnies, you will absolutely love these GIANT origami bunnies by Oh Happy Day – they’re almost as big as a child, and make great props for Easter egg hunts.

DIY Origami Easter Bunny - Shelley Makes (27).JPG

DIY Origami Easter Bunny - Shelley Makes (36)

I hope you like these bunnies as much as I enjoyed making them. Happy Easter everyone!

5 thoughts on “Easy DIY Origami Easter Bunnies

  1. They are awesome! I love that you put the little chicks in them – I love those little things! 🙂 Your making me miss Tiger too, I don’t have one near me any more!

    • I know, my local has gone too, but I always pop into the one near Spitalfield’s Market when I can. They nearly always have new origami paper! Hope you have a cracking Easter! (Excuse the pun!) xx

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