Shelley Makes… a Pea Confetti Card!

When my friend Louise was at university, she famously exclaimed “I’m not buying these peas again!!” after accidentally sitting her pack of frozen peas on a warm hob, melting a hole in the bag.

Pea Confetti Card

Not realising her mistake, she blamed the pea manufacturer for the torrent of peas that landed on the floor. It’s been a favourite on our university ‘quotes wall’ ever since!

Pea Card

For Louise’s birthday, I decided to make her a card reminiscent of the pea incident. My hope is that when she opens it, the green hole-punch peas will go EVERYWHERE, reminding her of the mishap!

Pea Card

I’ve never posted an in-joke DIY before, but I figured that you could steal the confetti idea and change the caption for your own purposes, e.g. ‘Looks like you’ve peed yourself…’, or ‘Mind your Ps & Qs…’

IMG_1547 USE

All I used was a sheet of green card, a hole-punch, scissors, and a double-sided sticky foam pad. I printed the message for the front and inside on white card, using a free font from, cut out the speech bubbles and stuck them on, before filling the card with dozens of hole-punched peas!

It’s fun card confetti, and a great practical joke too. It made Lou laugh anyway!

5 thoughts on “Shelley Makes… a Pea Confetti Card!

  1. We did sonething similar with a Christmas card filled with glitter once. Hilarious! Except glitter gets e-very-where… yikes! I like the holepunch idea much better. 🙂

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