Oliver Bonas Photo Engagement Present

A few months back one of my good pals from university got engaged! Both her and her partner are in the navy, so they often have to go a few months without seeing each other when they are posted out to sea. I wanted to make them an engagement present that would make their time apart a little easier.

IMG_1885 USE

I found these cute 2 x 2″ gold and glass double-sided square photo-frames at Oliver Bonas (one of my favourite shops), and thought they’d fit the bill perfectly, so bought two – so they can have one each.

I felt like a bit of a stalker finding photos of the two of them to use – thank goodness for Facebook! Apparently I chose well though, as they have print-outs of these photos already in their house.

Once I’d found the pictures (they’re very photogenic!), I simply re-sized them, printed them, and cut them to fit into the frames. I love how the frames are double-sided so you can get four photos in.

Finally, I wrapped each frame individually so that they could open one each, and put them into another (paper-covered) box together side-by-side so that they could be transported in the post safely!

Happy Engagement Fran and Nick!

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