Hobbycraft Spring & Easter Craft Preview

Last week, I went along to Drink, Shop & Do near King’s Cross in London to preview Hobbycraft’s new Spring and Easter craft collections. Ever since I started blogging, it’s been an aim of mine to attend a Hobbycraft event, as I do buy a lot of my supplies from there, so I was thrilled to get an invitation.

Hobbycraft Spring Easter Blogger Event_Shelley Makes-3419.jpg

I tagged along after work and was greeted at the door by the Hobbycraft team. They’d split the Drink, Shop & Do floor into various stations so that you could try your hand at different crafts, and learn more about their upcoming range expansions, from sewing supplies, knit craft, Easter craft, and baking.


Sewing Machines

My first stop was the sewing machine station where a helpful seamstress named Amy sat me down at a sewing machine for the first time, and showed me how to do some basic stitches. Some of you might recall that I was bought a sewing machine for Christmas a few years back, and am ashamedly yet to use it, as I wasn’t really sure where to begin, so I was really excited about this opportunity.


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Inspiration: DIY Cupcake Topper Ideas

As it’s my birthday tomorrow (and I’ve got cake on the brain), I thought I would celebrate on the blog by sharing some of my favourite DIY cupcake toppers! From pin-wheels to pom-poms to clowns, these four toppers are bound to make your recipient smile, and you get to eat yummy cupcakes too!

Shelley Makes DIY Cupcake Topper Ideas

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Inspiration: Amazing DIY Easter Cakes

Easter has crept up on me this year, but it’s usually a time of year that I look forward to. I love the start of spring, when daffodils start to raise their heads, and the evenings get longer and lighter.

In anticipation of Easter family celebrations, I thought I would share my pick of the coolest DIY Easter cakes and biscuits, ranging from carrot cake toppers, egg nests, to bunny ear cakes. Yum!

Easter Cake Inspiration 2016 Shelley Makes

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DIY Cake Topper Inspiration

Everybody loves cake, but how about transforming your homemade bake into a craft masterpiece? I’ve pulled together four of my favourite DIY cake toppers – hope this inspires! From birthday cakes to wedding cakes, there’s loads you can do to give your cakes the ‘wow’ factor!

DIY Cake Topper InspirationFor tutorials, visit these blogs:

1. Balloon Animal Cake Topper, Studio DIY | 2. Paper Cake Topper, Giochi di Carta | 3.Water Balloon Cake Topper, Martha Stewart | 4. Heart Cake Topper, My Name is Yeh