DIY Cake Topper Inspiration

Everybody loves cake, but how about transforming your homemade bake into a craft masterpiece? I’ve pulled together four of my favourite DIY cake toppers – hope this inspires! From birthday cakes to wedding cakes, there’s loads you can do to give your cakes the ‘wow’ factor!

DIY Cake Topper InspirationFor tutorials, visit these blogs:

1. Balloon Animal Cake Topper, Studio DIY | 2. Paper Cake Topper, Giochi di Carta | 3.Water Balloon Cake Topper, Martha Stewart | 4. Heart Cake Topper, My Name is Yeh

2 thoughts on “DIY Cake Topper Inspiration

  1. thanks for the shout out, shelley!!! these other ones are so cute, i love the idea of using balloons!!! so easy and you don’t have to worry about their weight tipping them over like i did with the marzipan hearts 😛

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