DIY Halloween Decoration Inspiration

Hello there! In case you didn’t know, I am mad about Halloween. The minute that Autumnal orange glow starts to appear along with the early morning chill, I can’t help but think about pumpkins, ghouls and parties. To help you in your Halloween celebrations this year, I’ve put together some of my favourite craft DIYs to decorate your home. I’m pretty pleased that two of my own DIYs have made the cut – enjoy!

Shelley Makes_DIY Halloween Inspiration

For full craft tutorials, check out these links:

1. Make & Tell, DIY Ghost Pinatas | 2. Aww Sam, DIY Emoji Ghost Balloons | 3. Studio DIY (via This Heart of Mine), DIY Paper Spiderwebs | 4. Minted, DIY Paper Lantern Skulls | 5. Oh Happy Day, Printable Spooky Candy Poppers | 6. Studio DIY, DIY Silly Ghost Balloons | 7. Shelley Makes, DIY Halloween Paper Quilled Pumpkins | 8. Shelley Makes, DIY Halloween Tombstones | 9. Kraft & Mint, Non-Scary Halloween Décor Printables

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DIY Easter Egg Inspiration

I love the arrival of Easter as for me it signifies the start of spring – what can be more cheery than sunny yellow daffodils and baby chicks? Over the years I’ve shared some Easter craft inspiration (such as decorated eggs here & amazing Easter cakes here), and even some DIY Easter tutorials (check out my DIY origami Easter bunniesDIY origami Easter bunny baskets, and DIY Easter bunny cards), so this year I wanted to share some fresh DIY Easter egg inspiration – featuring paint, concrete, and dyes!

DIY Easter Egg Inspiration_Shelley Makes

For full DIY tutorials, check out these blogs:

1. Paper & Stitch, Pink Crescent Moon Easter Eggs | 2. Idle Hands Awake, DIY Modern Brushstroke Easter Eggs | 3. Flax & Twine, DIY Wood Grain Folk Art Flower Easter Eggs | 4. Mottes Blog, DIY Crowned Bunny Easter Eggs | 5. Look What I Made, DIY Concrete & Copper Easter Bunnies | 6. We Are Scout, Easter Bunny Mini Eggshell Vase | 7. Sugar & Charm, Mosaic Easter Eggs | 8. Paper & Stitch, DIY Black Galaxy Natural Easter Eggs | 9. Say Yes, Natural Tea Dyed Easter Eggs Continue reading

DIY Valentine’s Craft Inspiration

With less than a week until Valentine’s Day, here’s my round-up of this year’s Valentine’s craft inspiration, including everything from DIY cards, to DIY gift wrap, boxes and planters. Hope you love it! ❤

For previous year’s inspiration, check out here and here, or find one of my DIY tutorials here.

Valentines DIY Inspiration 2017.png

For full DIY tutorials, check out these blogs:

1. Paper & Stitch, DIY Candy Boxes | 2. Paper & Stitch, DIY Watercolour Stationery | 3. Sugar & Cloth, DIY XO Gift Wrap | 4. Oh Happy Day, ‘I’d Pick You’ Flower Valentine | 5. Oh Happy Day, Heart Balloon Valentine | 6. A Bubbly Life, DIY Valentine Flower Bouquet | 7. Paper & Stitch, ‘Life Would Succ Without You’ Planter | 8. The House That Lars Built, Hand Holding Hearts Pop Up Valentine | 9. Studio DIY, 3D Heart Gift Wrap

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Halloween Inspiration: DIY No Carve Pumpkins

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons; I love the red-tinged light that washes over everything, and it gets me thinking about two of my favourite festive events – Halloween, and Christmas! Usually I like to carve a pumpkin for Halloween, but if you hate the goo and the mess, or you just fancy doing something a little bit different, here’s my round-up of the best DIY no-carve (painted) pumpkins.


For full DIY tutorials, check out these blogs:

1. DIY Pun-Kins, Studio DIY | 2. DIY Donut Pumpkins, Studio DIY | 3. DIY Emoji Pumpkins, Brit + Co | 4. Hand Painted Floral Pumpkin, Craftberry Bush | 5. DIY Tiny Message Pumpkins, Lovely Indeed | 6. DIY Hand-Painted Pumpkins, Simple as That | 7. DIY Paint Pen Pattern No Carve Pumpkins, Lovely Indeed | 8. DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins, Homey Oh My | 9. Decoupage Paper Pumpkin, Brit + Co | 10. Balloon Dipped Pumpkin DIY, Paper & Stitch | 11. DIY Pumpkin Ice Cream Cone, Sugar and Charm

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Inspiration: DIY Cupcake Topper Ideas

As it’s my birthday tomorrow (and I’ve got cake on the brain), I thought I would celebrate on the blog by sharing some of my favourite DIY cupcake toppers! From pin-wheels to pom-poms to clowns, these four toppers are bound to make your recipient smile, and you get to eat yummy cupcakes too!

Shelley Makes DIY Cupcake Topper Ideas

For full DIY tutorials, check out these blogs:

1. Better Homes & Gardens, Upcycled Book-Page Pinwheel Cupcake Topper | 2. 6 Bittersweets, DIP Pom Pom Cupcake Topper | 3. Studio DIY, DIY Balloon Cupcake Toppers | 4. Oh Happy Day, DIY Clown Cupcake Topper

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Inspiration: 14 DIY Decorated Planters

I really love this time of year when all the trees are budding, and the extra light makes you think about spring cleaning, and giving your home a bit of a refresh. As a result, I wanted to share some of my favourite DIY decorated planters which are perfect for bringing some of that greenery indoors.

You’ll notice that a few are not quite as they meet the eye, which makes them even better!

DIY Planter Inspiration 2016

Are you doing any spring cleaning and crafting this year? Let me know what you make!

For full tutorials, check out these blogs:

1. Lovely Indeed, DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups | 2. Design Love Fest, Terracotta Planter DIY | 3. Say Yes, Handmade Clay Pot Houses | 4. Sinnenrausch, Marbling Planter with Nail Polish | 5. Coco and Mingo, DIY Labelled Indoor Herb Planters | 6. Delia Creates, Gilded Succulent Pots | 7. This Heart of Mine, Brown Paper Succulent Planter | 8. I Spy DIY, Dip Dye Succulent Pot | 9. Fall for DIY, DIY Marble Planters | 10. Fall for DIY, DIY Faux Glazed Pots | 11. Burkatron, DIY Faux Stone Vases | 12. Shelley Makes, DIY Chalkboard Herb Pots | 13. Small & Friendly, DIY Clay Air Plant Holders | 14. I Spy DIY, Dip Dye Succulent Pot

Inspiration: Amazing DIY Easter Cakes

Easter has crept up on me this year, but it’s usually a time of year that I look forward to. I love the start of spring, when daffodils start to raise their heads, and the evenings get longer and lighter.

In anticipation of Easter family celebrations, I thought I would share my pick of the coolest DIY Easter cakes and biscuits, ranging from carrot cake toppers, egg nests, to bunny ear cakes. Yum!

Easter Cake Inspiration 2016 Shelley Makes

For full DIYs, visit:

1. Paper & Stitch, Easy Easter Carrot Cupcake Toppers | 2. The Cake Blog, DIY Easter Basket Cake | 3. Style Me Pretty, DIY Bunny Cake | 4. La Tana Del Coniglio, Cupcakes di Pasqua | 5. Migalha Doce, Chocolate Easter Cake | 6. Handmade Charlotte, Robins Egg Mini Blue Cakes | 7. La Recetade La Felicidad, Eater Bunny Loaf | 8. Tell, Love & Party, Modern Easter Cookies | 9. Zucker, Zimt und Liebe, Ostern Est Kuchen |

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Meet Albert & Me – Crochet Goodies

Before you all jump to the conclusion that I have a secret love child named Albert, let me introduce the guest of this post – Kate, the mother of Albert (below), and my #CraftBlogClub Secret Santa!

#CraftBlogClub Crochet on Shelley Makes (3) USE

You might have seen a few #CraftBlogClub Secret Santa posts from me this year; I blogged about what I made for ZoFlo here and here, but I have forgotten to blog about one important element – what I received! In this post, I wanted to spend some time showing off the amazing crochet goodies that I received from my Secret Santa – Kate, from Albert & Me (formerly Beak Up Crafts).


As Kate has recently rebranded her blog to reflect a new lifestyle photography business venture, I thought it was a great opportunity to introduce Kate to you all, and her awesome work. Kate has kindly agreed to answer my burning questions, so find the Q&A below, interspersed with crochet.

First of all, how did you learn to crochet? 

“I learnt crochet by watching American YouTube videos although it took me a while to realise that stitches were called by different names in the UK! I started to learn crochet as a form of mindfulness and figured that, as there was only one hook compared with two knitting needles, it would be easier to learn for someone uncoordinated like me!”

#CraftBlogClub Crochet on Shelley Makes (6) - USE

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Inspiration: DIY Valentine’s Day Papercraft

It’s already officially less than a month until Valentine’s day! Whether you have a significant other or a secret valentine, show them you care with one of these super easy papercraft DIYs.Valentine Heart Inspiration 2016 III

These simple tutorials are all by Minieco:

1. Boxed Geometric Heart | 2. Dot Matrix Valentine’s Day Cards | 3. Geometric Heart Pop-up Card | 4Geometric Heart Love Letter

What are you making this Valentine’s day?

Simple Festive Gift Wrap Inspiration

Ready or not, Christmas is ‘a coming, and I’m just about getting excited now, in that panic-stricken ‘haven’t-bought-any-presents‘ kind of a way. But what better way to procrastinate from buying presents, than by exploring gorgeous gift wrap options for said (eventual…) presents!


These nine gift-wrap ideas all caught my eye for their simplicity. I love a bit of natural foliage, and brown paper always manages to look great. My faves are probably No. 2 – the DIY paper straws (so effective, and yet incredibly easy too), and also the wrapping pleats on No. 5.

For full DIYs, visit:

1. DIY Brush Lettered Gift Pouches, Shelley Makes | 2. DIY Paper Straw Gift Wrap Toppers, Fall For DIY | 3. Holiday Gift Tags, Almost Makes Perfect | 4. Pine Twig, Portland General Store | 5. Brown Paper Packages, Kate’s Creative Space | 6. Holiday Wrapping Paper, Go Forth | 7. Christmas Tree Gift Topper, Fellow Fellow | 8. Brown Paper Label Maker, Cherry Blossom | 9. Brown Gift Paper, Deas & Mia

Happy wrapping! Ho Ho Ho!