Easy Origami Leaf Card

Yesterday was my boyfriend’s dad’s birthday, and as he’s a lover of origami, we decided to make him a simple yet effective origami leaf card. The last time I made a leaf card it was a paper-cut design rather than a folded origami creation – but this couldn’t be quicker or easier (even for origami newbs!)

Easy origami leaf card

For instructions, watch this YouTube video by Origami おりがみ 折紙 which gives you a step-by-step guide alongside relaxing music. It’s really simple – all you need is a sheet of A4 paper.

I used double-sided wrapping paper from Hobbycrafts (cut to A4) which was patterned on one side and light green on the other. I also tucked in a small square of card with an arrow pointing out that I wrote a birthday message on, rather than writing on the inside of the folded card.

This DIY took 5-10 minutes, and I got it right on my second attempt – the white design that you see in the pics here was the first. If you love origami or have an origami-lover in your life, give it a go!

Let me know how you get on! Enjoy!

Inspiration: DIY Ink Stamps

I hate feeling daunted when I craft something new for the first time, especially when it is something as simple as making a DIY ink stamp – something I’m sure people can make in their sleep. But that is exactly how I felt when tasked with making my own DIY stamp last week.

One way I’ve found of eradicating the ‘fear’ of starting a new craft project from scratch, is to gather together a handful of inspiring how-to’s that help me understand the different tried & tested methods and materials out there. Armed with all of these ideas and instructions, you can’t go wrong!

Here’s my round-up of simple DIY stamp tutorials:

DIY Stamp Inspiration

To read the full tutorials, visit:

1. DIY Heart Cork Stamp, Shelley Makes | 2. DIY Stamp Village, Fellow Fellow | 3. Cork Stamps, Design Mom | 4. Eraser Heart Prints, Cotton & Flax

The nicest thing about these tutorials, is that they highlight the fact that there really is no right or wrong way – you can use so many different materials from rubbers, to corks, to foam – either carving stamps from scratch, or upcycling shapes and sticking them on to easy-to-hold implements.

It really couldn’t be simpler – why not start with a basic stamp like I did, and work your way up to more intricate creations? That’s certainly my aim – watch this space! =)