DIY Halloween Paper Quilled Pumpkins

Over the summer I shared my first sponsored Bostik blog tutorial showing how to make a DIY Bug Hotel. Well, my next Bostik blog is a little crafty something for Autumn, featuring cute paper quilled pumpkins and Bostik Micro Dots – perfect for Halloween decorations, and suitable for beginners!

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkins_Shelley Makes-9338

Before this project I had never quilled before, but after finding lots of inspiration and a few tutorial videos online (showing how to create basic shapes), I decided to give it a go. I found all of the necessary supplies at Hobbycraft, and was kindly gifted my micro glue dots by Bostik.

For this DIY, you will need the following:

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkinsl_Shelley Makes-9167


The quilling pen / needle is a really simple tool to use. You simply put the end of your strip of quilling paper through the slot, and then, using your thumb to guide the paper, turn the pen in your other hand so that the paper rolls round the end into a tight coil. The tighter you wind, the tighter your coil will be.

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkinsl_Shelley Makes-8959

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkinsl_Shelley Makes-8972.jpg

Once the paper is fully wound, carefully remove it from the end of your quilling pen and set it down on the side so that it can ‘relax and unwind’. I bought a quilling template board to help me get to grips with how to turn the coils into different shapes. If you’re aiming for uniform shapes and sizes I’d definitely recommend getting one. It can help you create circles, ovals, hearts, tear drops, squares, triangles…

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkinsl_Shelley Makes-9011

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkinsl_Shelley Makes-9062

Once your circle is the size you want glue the end down to secure it. You can then begin pinching and coercing it into the shape you want. I went for simple oval orange pumpkins, and then made some vines using shorter lengths of green quilling paper, rotating the ends in different directions to create opposite flicks. For the stalks, I made tight green coils, and then squidged them into an ‘eye’ shape.

I wanted my picture to have a black background so I cut a square to size to act as my backdrop. Before I started gluing anything in place, I had a play around with where I wanted each pumpkin to sit, so I could be sure I was happy with their positions. Once you’ve got a design in mind, the sticking can commence.

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkinsl_Shelley Makes-9292

Micro Dots are great for sticking small, delicate or irregular shapes, ribbon, or embellishments as there’s no drying time required. The tiny dots act like a sticker transfer so you simply stick your object onto the sheet, rub down, and lift off – the glue dots will have transferred to your object, making it ready to stick.

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkinsl_Shelley Makes-9092

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkinsl_Shelley Makes-9210

As the paper quills are very thin, I thought the micro glue dots would be great for making each tiny surface sticky whilst remaining hidden / see-through from the front. It also means you won’t get wet glue on your fingers – just be careful you don’t put anything down on the transparent sheet if it’s facing up!

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkinsl_Shelley Makes-9277

Once your shapes are glued in place it’s time to pop it into your frame, and voila! You’re ready for Halloween. The shapes I’ve used here are really simple to make, but if you fancy doing something more adventurous then there are loads of printable templates available online. Do check out Pinterest.

DIY Quilling Halloween Pumpkins_Shelley Makes-9327

You can go as big and bold as you like. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bostik as part of the HIBS100 #BostikBlogger series. I was sent a box of Bostik glue goodies to create this post. I hope you like this DIY series.

DIY Bug Hotel / Insect House with Bostik

As you all know, I love any excuse to make things, so I was delighted to be invited by HIBS100 to become a DIY Bostik blogger for six months. My mission, which I’ve chosen to accept, is to create a DIY tutorial on a set theme each month, and share it with you. The first theme, to my delight, was Garden Decor!

DIY Bug Hotel_Shelley Makes-8612

Now, Bostik make some great products for crafters – in fact, you’ll have seen some of their products in my DIYs before. The glue dots and foam pads are excellent for card-making, so I was excited to try out some of the other products in the range. To get me started, Bostik sent me a box of glue-based goodies to experiment with, including leather adhesive, all-purpose glue, white glu, blu stick (a glue stick that starts blue and dries white), fast tak spray glue, glu dots, micro dots, foam pads and glitter pens!

DIY Bug Hotel_Shelley Makes-8568

This summer I’ve been loving spending more time outdoors, watching the comings and goings of nature’s pollinators, so I thought I’d have a go at making my own insect house for our allotment. We have a bug hotel / insect house in our back garden, and there has been no room in the inn (as it were), since the first day it went up! As it’s so popular with flying folk, I used this design for inspiration.

To make your own bug hotel, you will need the following materials:

  • Bostik white glu (PVA)
  • Plank of wood – mine was planed smooth timber (18mm x 94mm x 1800mm) from B&Q
  • Sheet of plywood (for the roof) – have a peek in your local wood shop’s ‘scrap’ bin (alternatively, you could use your smooth timber and have a thicker roof…)
  • Outdoor paint – a Cuprinol tester pot (£2) will be more than enough
  • Blue painter’s tape or masking tape (to hold your house together while the glue dries)
  • Sandpaper (if you have it – optional)
  • Bamboo canes (optional)
  • Wooden ladybird to decorate (optional)
  • Bostik glu dot to afix ladybird (optional)

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