DIY Wordsearch Card

In May of last year I made my Grandma a DIY wordsearch card to combine a few of her favourite things – puzzles, and gardening. Well, a while ago, for some reason, I decided that this DIY wasn’t good enough for the blog, and I deleted it, and now – over a year later – I’ve changed my mind.

DIY wordsearch card on Shelley Makes.JPG

This is one of the simplest DIY cards you could possibly hope for. There are tonnes of free wordsearch generators available online that allow you to personalise your puzzles. I used one called, where you can choose between making a custom wordsearch or a custom crossword.


The tool allows you to enter in whatever words you’d like your recipient to find, and then you simply click ‘Create puzzle’ for it to generate your wordsearch. I then copied and pasted this wordsearch and printed it to fit my card. I stuck the wordsearch on the front, and the list of words to find on the inside.


I then used glu dots to stick a small pencil to the front of the card, so that my Grandma could get straight to work solving her puzzle. Peak below for the answers – how did you get on?


Hope you like this incredibly simple DIY wordsearch card!

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