Shelley Makes… Easter Bunny Cards!

I can’t believe it’s Easter Sunday tomorrow! This year is flying by. I’m off to a family meal tomorrow, and so I finally got round to making Easter cards today, inspired by bunnies…

Card and envelope


I started by finding a bunny shape template on Google images, and then printed it out to the size I wanted, carefully cutting around the shape to create my own template to draw around.

Bunny template

I decided to create colourful bunnies, perfect for spring, by using floral pages from a magazine. Drawing around my template, I then cut out my own warren of rabbits!

I wanted my cards to fit into some upcycled envelopes that I’ve recently made from a beautifully illustrated family organiser, and so I cut some plain white card to size, folding in half.

Rabbit template

I wanted my bunnies to be slightly raised from the card to make them more eye-catching, so I used some Sellotape Sticky Fixers to give them that little bit of elevation.

I can’t rely on my hand-writing to look neat, and so last of all I printed out ‘Happy Easter’ in italic Kunstler Script onto sticky labels, and stuck these to the front of the cards. Et voila!

The end result looks simple, yet stylish, so I’m really pleased. Hope you like this simple Easter DIY.

Happy Easter everyone!

3 thoughts on “Shelley Makes… Easter Bunny Cards!

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