DIY Origami Easter Bunny Baskets!

Happy Easter everyone! Today Jack and I went to a family meal for Easter Sunday. Not wanting to go empty handed, we quickly rustled up some mini DIY origami bunny baskets for each of the guests.

Bunny hamper

These are really easy to do – all you need is some coloured paper, white card, individually wrapped chocolates, scissors, pens or colouring pencils, and some optional Easter chicks for decoration.


Start by making simple origami boxes from squares of A4 coloured paper – 1 page (cut into a square) = 1 box. There’s a great how-to YouTube video from Origami Instructions here.

Cut out your bunny heads from white card – if you make one, you can then use this as a template for the others – and draw on their pink ears and whiskers using coloured fine-liner pens.

IMG_0570 USE

Stick the bunny heads to individually wrapped chocolates (we used Ferrero Raffaello) using Sellotape sticky fixers, cut into small blobs, and there you have your rabbits!

Lastly, fill the boxes with shred, add your bunnies, plus any extra Easter things you have such as chicks and mini eggs – and there you have your rabbit hampers, or rabbit hot-tubs, as I like to call them!

Easter bunny hamper

We also had a go at making mini versions using a square from A5 paper (half the size), and left these on the neighbour’s door steps with a ‘Happy Easter’ message on an egg-shaped piece of paper:

Mini bunny

This is a really cost-effective way of giving everyone a special gift at Easter and people often care more about the time and thought put in, than about the amount of money spent.

Oh, and the bunny Easter cards and upcycled envelopes went down a treat too!

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