‘You Rule’ DIY Valentine Present

The other week I came across this cute Valentine design on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go! All you need is some paper or card, scissors (or a guillotine), a craft knife, and of course a ruler!


After buying a cheap metal rule from Amazon, I designed a ‘You Rule’ sleeve in InkScape before printing it, trimming it, and making the two slits with a craft knife for the ruler to slot through.


Like so! After making the ‘basic’ edition, I also experimented with a double-sided beast with a different message on the back. You can play with whatever words you want.

I went with ‘You Rule’ and ‘<— I love you this much —>’ but you can be as cheesy as you like!

Simple Design:

You Rule

Double-Sided Edition:

You Rule Double-Sided

The double-sided edition just requires a bit of Pritt Stick to seal the deal. It’s that easy!