DIY Rainbow Paper Weave Gift Topper

A while ago I spied this amazing woven DIY gift topper on Using nothing but coloured paper, it’s possible to make this incredibly easy, bright and cheerful present topper!

IMG_2874 USE

As my sister is a huge fan of colour – particularly rainbow colours, I decided to weave her one of these cute toppers to decorate the plain envelope containing her birthday present.

Back of envelope

How to make it

All you need is a few sheets of coloured paper (I used A4, although A3 would allow you to go round a larger present) and a guillotine. I used five colours, but you can use as many or as little as you like.

How to make

Start by cutting equal-sized strips of coloured paper on the guillotine. I used two 1cm strips of each colour, so 10x strips in total. Once cut, place 5 strips vertically in a line on a flat surface, and weave the remaining 5 strips horizonally into it following the same colour pattern – like so:


The idea is to go under, then over, then under, then over etc, and to alternate the pattern so that a different colour is on top for every other weave. For example, it will go red, orange, red, green, red.

Gift topper

My strips weren’t quite long enough to go around the whole envelope, so I simply folded the paper round the edges of the envelope and secured the ends in place with some double-sided tape.

It really is ridiculously easy to make, and makes a very colourful first impression!

#DIY Paper Cut Leaf Card

Now then, whilst this is not my proudest creation – in the spirit of sharing the crafts of a craft amateur, I wanted to blog about my latest DIY – a paper cut leaf card, made for my boyfriend’s birthday!

With the Pinterest image of SMÄM in front of me, I set to work crafting what should have been a very delicate card. In fact, the cue is probably in the name – ‘paper’ leaf card, not ‘card’ leaf card.

DIY Paper Leaf Card

Despite appearances, this quirky card really is easy to make; all you need is a sheet of high quality, textured paper (don’t make my mistake of using card), and a nice sharp craft knife.

Paper Leaf Card

Folding your paper in half, hand-draw the outline of a leaf onto the front with a pencil (using a ruler for the straight line down the centre). Then, using a craft knife, carefully trace the outline to make a cut, before bending the leaves upwards gently towards the centre for the 3D effect.

I added coloured paper to the inside of my card (using wrapping paper from already-opened presents), to create some contrast, and to hide my message from being visible through the gaps on the front.

Paper Leaf Card

I would definitely make this card again (they’d make great ‘Thank You’ cards), however next time I would find a more premium paper to achieve the delicacy and simplicity of SMÄM’s original.

I love the shadows that this card produces. Not bad for a first attempt!