DIY Heart Cork Stamp

Since I started crafting I’ve been longing for my own DIY stamp so that I can give my cards and creations a personalised signature stamp on the back, showing that it’s hand-made with love.

DIY Cork Stamp

I’ve seen various tutorials online on how to make stamps – some with rubbers, and others with speedy-cut carving blocks. This particular method couldn’t be simpler; all you need to do is drink some prosecco, and buy some miniature foam shapes of your choice such as hearts or stars.

You will need:

You will need

  • A prosecco cork (I’m sure you can find one somewhere…)
  • Some all-purpose glue – I used Pritt
  • A foam heart (mine came from a Mister Maker kit – don’t ask)
  • A coloured ink pad


Apply some glue to the back of your foam shape, and stick it securely to the base of the prosecco cork. Once dry, coat with ink, and then stamp away at your heart’s content!

Stamps are a really quick and easy way of jazzing up plain wrapping paper, and you can buy ink pads of any colour. I used black ink, but you can be as colourful as you please =)

Happy stamping!