‘Roger the Gnome’ Mother’s Day Card

A long time ago I randomly painted a gnome at my parents’ house, and named him Roger. He’s lived there ever since and is quite a well-known guy, often introduced to guests over dinner.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I wanted to make a personalised card but was lacking inspiration. But then I spied Roger, and an idea struck! Here’s Roger in his heyday in the garden:

Roger the Painted Gnome

To make the card, I free-handed Roger in pencil, and coloured him in with bright colouring pencils. Eventually I settled on sticking him on green card with a 3D ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ banner!

Gnome Mother's Day Card

I was being a bit of a perfectionist whilst making this card, complaining to my sister that my first attempt ‘looked like a child had done it’, only for my sister to reply, ‘but you are her child!’

As mum is a bit of a grow-a-holic (tomatoes and the like), we went to The Edible Garden Show in London for Mother’s Day – ‘the ultimate grow-your-own event’. It was a really lovely day out!

If you’re reading this mum, Happy Mother’s Day! With love from Rog and me! x