Simple Festive Gift Wrap Inspiration

Ready or not, Christmas is ‘a coming, and I’m just about getting excited now, in that panic-stricken ‘haven’t-bought-any-presents‘ kind of a way. But what better way to procrastinate from buying presents, than by exploring gorgeous gift wrap options for said (eventual…) presents!


These nine gift-wrap ideas all caught my eye for their simplicity. I love a bit of natural foliage, and brown paper always manages to look great. My faves are probably No. 2 – the DIY paper straws (so effective, and yet incredibly easy too), and also the wrapping pleats on No. 5.

For full DIYs, visit:

1. DIY Brush Lettered Gift Pouches, Shelley Makes | 2. DIY Paper Straw Gift Wrap Toppers, Fall For DIY | 3. Holiday Gift Tags, Almost Makes Perfect | 4. Pine Twig, Portland General Store | 5. Brown Paper Packages, Kate’s Creative Space | 6. Holiday Wrapping Paper, Go Forth | 7. Christmas Tree Gift Topper, Fellow Fellow | 8. Brown Paper Label Maker, Cherry Blossom | 9. Brown Gift Paper, Deas & Mia

Happy wrapping! Ho Ho Ho!

DIY Air Dry Clay Christmas Stars

This Christmas (I gave you my heart) – ahem, I decided to take my first foray into air dry clay. To follow is a series of posts to document the things I’ve made – the first is DIY festive tree stars!

Reindeer star

You will need: Pack of DAS air dry clay, rolling pin, star cookie cutter, a straw, set of festive stamps (mine were from Hobbycrafts), string (for hanging on your tree).

In the absence of a rolling pin (I know, I know, #Amateur), I used the closest thing to hand – a pint glass, and used a Grana Padano cheese knife instead of ‘professional’ clay cutting tools.

How to Make Tree Stars:

Start by opening your pack of clay and rolling out a small blob to about 5mm thickness. Once rolled, lay your cookie cutter over the top and press to indent. Remove the excess clay from the outside.

Next, you’ll want to make a small hole so that you can hang your decoration up. I used a drinking straw, pressing it in and twisting it on the spot until the dot of clay lifted and could be removed.


Next comes the exciting bit – providing you’ve found yourself an array of festive shapes and stamps, you can start creating your unique army of decorations by simply pressing them onto your star.

Try to use uniform pressure to make your shape stand out consistently on all sides. To smooth any edges, wet your finger (I licked mine), and gently run over the edges – et voila!

Don’t worry about the colour of the clay when you get it out of the pack – it will start a sludge grey whilst malleable, but dry to a nice bright white – this may take up to 48 hours.

Robin star

As my boyfriend and I are due to move house next week (just before Christmas!), I also made a trio of stars for him to unwrap on Christmas day – one of which I stamped to say ‘Home’.

Whilst half of the stars are for decorating the tree, I decided to give some away as gifts, tieing them on to A5 cards (much like my Orange Thank You cards) to create Christmas card-present combos.

These tree decorations are really easy to make and quite therapeutic too. They’re also very easy to personalise, perfect if you like things to be ‘just so’ or want to give them away as gifts.

Easy and fun for adults and children alike, I can’t wait to decorate!