Inspiration: Creative Business Cards

This year I’ve gone to loads of craft fairs, and I love picking up business cards from cool craft sellers. Since I launched my blog, I’ve wanted to make my own Shelley Makes business cards.

I’ve always been a big fan of branding, so I love the idea of making my cards match the style of my blog. As it’s a craft blog, I also feel that the cards need to be suitable ‘crafty’, so no Vistaprint for me!

Before I got started, I browsed Pinterest to find some unique DIY inspiration. From stamping, sewing, painting and cutting, here are my favourite creative business card tutorials:

Business Card Inspiration

What do you think? Do you have a fave? I’d love to hear what you did to make your own business cards, or what you plan to do? Keep an eye out for my business card blog very soon!

For full tutorials, visit these sites:

1. Oh Hello Friend, DIY Business Cards | 2. Andrea Romani, Ecological Business Card | 3. Persia Lou, DIY double-sided custom-shaped business card | 4. Akula Kreative, DIY stamped business card confetti filled coin envelope | 5. Akula Kreative, DIY stamped watercolour business cards | 6. Life of Popeye, DIY Business cards for Hive | 7. At Home in Love, DIY Stamped Business Cards | 8. Francesca Pasini, Textile Business Cards | 9. While The Sun Shines, Watercolour cards