Inspiration: DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Last year I shared my Christmas advent calendar inspiration, but this year I felt I needed all new ideas. As you can see, this time I appear to be favouring the minimalist approach:

Five DIY Christmas Advent Calendars

Are you counting down ’til Christmas? What does your advent calendar look like this year?

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Christmas Inspiration: DIY Advent Calendars

Can you believe that it’s nearly December? As I write, it is just 26 days until Christmas! I haven’t got round to making a Christmas advent calendar yet, but here’s my DIY inspiration round-up.

It seems I have a thing for boxes dangling from festive branches. All of these designs are stylish and suitable for any grown-up home. From giving 25 mini gift boxes, to writing 25 personalised messages, there is something here for everyone, and all are quick and easy to make.

DIY Advent Calendar

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Roll on Monday, and let the Christmas countdown begin!