Pretty Posh Photoshoot in the Park

We take about a million pictures of Lauren at every Style It photo-shoot – a) to make sure that we’ve got every single accessory covered, and b) to account for operator error on my part!

Once we’ve whittled down the results, my favourite photos are always the ones of Lauren smiling. Check out a few of our pics from the latest photo-shoot in sunny Russell Square, London:

Read Lauren’s full Style post on Pretty Posh Oh My Gosh – this whole outfit cost under £30!



First Photoshoot for Pretty, Posh, Oh My Gosh!

I love my Canon and am constantly trying to perfect the art! For this reason, I was thrilled when my pal Lauren asked me to do my first ever photoshoot for her fashion blog Pretty, Posh, Oh My Gosh!

Now, Lauren has got to be one of the brightest and bubbliest PR’s I know, and she’s beautiful too! Check out these pictures of her rocking red shoes in Bloomsbury, London.

Lauren’s Style Shoot

Obviously these are still the photos of an amateur, but it was great fun to do and great practice too. All in all, a pretty productive lunch-break for us both. Onwards and upwards!