DIY Origami Heart Pancake Topper

In January I got a bit ahead of myself and posted some paper craft inspiration for Valentine’s day. A couple of weeks on, and I’ve finally got round to making a DIY myself, and it involves pancakes!

IMG_0330 (2)

All you need for this simple heart is a square of origami paper, a wooden skewer, and preferably a stack of pancakes, or a cupcake. My paper is from Tiger, but you can cut a square from any paper.

This DIY is really easy – you only need a minute to make each heart, if that, so you can make the hearts before you’ve even finished making your pancakes! I don’t know about you, but I love pancakes…


As well as sticking these on skewers or lollipop sticks to use as cake or pancake toppers, you can also turn them into a cute hanging garland with some string, or stick them to the front of cards.

I have to say, in hindsight, (and keep this hush hush), the pattern does remind me a little bit of leg hair… But what says ‘Love’ more than a great big hairy heart?! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

To make your Origami Heart Topper…

Start by folding your square in half diagonally (coloured side facing outwards). Next, fold both outer corners in to the middle to make a smaller square. Turn the square over, and fold the front diamond in half to the bottom. Next, fold the top triangles in half to create a heart shape. For a more ’rounded’ heart, fold over the corners slightly, et voila! Romance in 60 seconds, at your service.

Origami Heart

*Thank you to my valentine for making the pancakes in this tutorial!

3 thoughts on “DIY Origami Heart Pancake Topper

  1. Ok, 3 things.
    #1 These pancakes look delicious.
    #2 The heart toppers are adorable!!
    #3 Congratulations on being a finalist in the UK Blog Awards. Amazing!
    #4 Your blog is fabulous, I am now following you on Bloglovin! 🙂
    (Ok, So that was 4 points, who’s counting?)

    • Haha! I’m counting, but I love that you put four points instead of three =) Thank you for your kind words. They were delicious – hope you’ll have a stack lined up for pancake day? xxx

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