Silhouette Cut-Out Snowflake Cards

In the words of Adele, ‘Hello!’ – I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! I am finally home after doing the family rounds, and thinking about all of the heartfelt ‘Thanks’ that I need to send.

IMG_1697 USE

I’ve always done ‘Thank You’ cards for as long as I can remember, and where possible, I prefer to make them by hand. I actually started these cards last year, but finished them off this year.

Last Christmas my lovely other half got me a Silhouette Portrait machine – a bit like a Cricut – that cuts out shapes or letters to your design. As this was my first foray into using the cutter, I kept it simple, opting to use the free snowflake template that came with the Silhouette library, like so.

Xmas Thank You USE

I added lines around it so that the cutter would make three cards per sheet of A4, and experimented with using a dashed cut for the fold. As it’s Christmas, I tried cutting on two different card stocks – a shiny silver metallic card, and also thick white card, like a proper snowflake!

IMG_1935 USE

Once the machine has finished cutting the pattern, you have to carefully peel the card off of the sticky mat, and pick out the diamonds using your nails or a sharp implement. If you don’t have a cutter, you can also create this card using a sharp scalpel – it might take a little longer, but it’s do-able!

To make the pattern stand out I stuck a blue coloured square to the inside of the silver cards. On the white cards, I stuck coloured card on both sides, and added a white wool bow in the middle.


The best thing about these festive cards is that in daylight (or even lamp-light) they cast really nice shadows and reflections in the room, like sun-catchers, so they really catch your eye!

Are you making ‘Thank You’ cards this year? Thanks also to you guys for following the blog this year – I hope you have a very Happy New Year and 2016! I’m off to party prep for NYE now…!

3 thoughts on “Silhouette Cut-Out Snowflake Cards

  1. These are so lovely! And I’m very jealous of your Silhouette machine. I’m terrible at doing thank you cards (we’re only about half way through our wedding ones – oops!). Hope you have a wonderful NYE! X

    • Thank you! Haha, unfortunately the fam have come to expect handmade ones from me, so I always have to give it a bit of thought! I still have more to go mind you… Happy New Year to you too – hope you have fun celebrating xx

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