“For your Mistle-toes” Christmas gifts

Last Christmas I came across this great DIY gift – a pedicure kit with a seasonal play on words – ‘For your mistle toes!’ I thought it would be great to give to friends, so I set about designing my own.

DIY Mistle-toe gifts | Shelley Makes

You will need:

  • Pedicure kit e.g. nail varnish / mini foot cream / nail file
  • Small cellophane bags
  • Gold or silver metallic card
  • Printer
  • Rota-trim or scissors
  • Stapler


I designed my labels in InkScape, using free fonts from DaFont.com, and ended up with two different designs. On one side it read ‘For your mistle toes’, and on the other ‘To Natalia’, or whoever.

The main thing to remember if you design your own is to flip the font on one half so it’s upside down. You also need to check that the printed result is the same width as your cellophane bag.

Once designed, I printed my bag toppers onto silver and gold metallic card (I had to feed this into my printer rather than leave it in the tray, as it’s quite a bit thicker than normal card stock).

Becky Mistle-toes | Shelley Makes

Once printed, I cut out each gift topper using a rota-trim, and then used the rota-trim again with a perforated blade to help me fold the tags in half, but you could just fold carefully as normal.

Mistle-Toes | Shelley Makes

Once cut, I filled my cellophane bags with the pedicure kit – everyone got a festive nail varnish, a nail file and a travel-sized hand cream (yes, I temporarily forgot the foot theme – doh!)

Gift toppers | Shelley Makes

Once full, add the bag topper, and staple into place so that you don’t obstruct any of your text, et voila!

These make great personalised gifts that will truly ‘wow’ your recipients. Watch their faces as they realise it has their name on it. They make perfect stocking fillers, or gifts for teachers too!

Thanks to Ivy in the Bay for the inspiration – I had a lot of fun recreating her original DIY. You can head to her blog for a free printable bag topper, or have a go at making your own, as I did.

Happy Christmas, and happy crafting!

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