Inspiration: DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Last year I shared my Christmas advent calendar inspiration, but this year I felt I needed all new ideas. As you can see, this time I appear to be favouring the minimalist approach:

Five DIY Christmas Advent Calendars

Are you counting down ’til Christmas? What does your advent calendar look like this year?

For DIY tutorials, visit:

1) Unknown, Minimalist Advent Calendar | 2) Tell, Love and Party, DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar | 3) La Maison de Lou Lou, Tree Box Advent Calendar | 4) Hither & Thither, Hanging Bag Advent Calendar | 5) Third Floor Design Studio, Paper Bag Advent Calendar

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

  1. Love all of these!!! I think I need to upgrade our advent calender. The one we had I bought from Target about 7 years ago. It has little doors on it – but unfortunately all the handles are falling off.
    I like the paper bag idea here. I think the minimalist way is the way to go!

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