Origami Boats (in memory of my Grandad)

I haven’t blogged very much this month because, a few weeks ago, my Grandad passed away. There’s never an easy way to say goodbye to someone, especially when they’ve been around your whole life. For my Grandad’s funeral, I wanted to make a small but personal tribute in his memory.


When we were little, my grandparents owned a small river boat, which they loved. I have many pictures of my sister and I sat aboard that boat, looking out in awe, so I decided to make some origami boats.

Origami Boat


Origami boats are simple to make; all you need is a square piece of paper, and some folds:

Origami Boat Instructions

1. Start by folding your paper diagonally in half to make a triangle. If you’re using coloured paper, start with the coloured side face down. I used polka dot origami paper from Tiger | 2. Next, fold the bottom corner up at a slight angle, and unfold to leave a crease line | 3. Using this crease line, you now need to make an inverse fold | 4. Now your boat is nearly complete. For the finishing touch, cut off the top of the boat to make a flat cabin | 5. Lastly, open up your boat so that it self-stands, and set sail!


Once the boats were made (I experimented with a few different sizes), I found some of my favourite photos of my Grandad and laminated these into individual pouches (in case it rains). Making a hole-punch in each corner, and a small hole in the back of each boat, I attached the boats and photos together using thread, so that the photos appear to trail behind in the boat’s wake.

Origami Boat

Although it’s very simple, it feels like a fitting tribute to my Grandad whose love of boats and planes I will never forget, and whose laugh (which made strangers laugh), I can still hear in my head.

Thanks for the memories, Grandad. Bon voyage!

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