DIY Mouse-Hole Cheese Card

Yesterday was my Grandma’s 78th birthday, and so we gathered for a family meal. For my partner’s grandparent’s, handmade gifts have always meant more than expensive presents.

Back in March, at the The Edible Garden Show, I spied a tiny wooden mouse by Bradgate Woodcraft that I thought she’d love, and I’ve been looking after the little fellow ever since.

Cheese cardAs time was tight (plan ahead, moi?), we decided to make a simple ‘cheese’ birthday card, complete with mouse-hole, so that the little mouse could sit underneath the card.

To make, all you need is some card, a circle cutter, and ideally a mouse. I didn’t plan my circles, I just cut them willy-nilly, and this is the result. It took around 10 minutes, so easy peasy!


The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that not all of my circles are strictly spherical. This is because, like an amateur, I broke my circle cutter part-way through. New blades, please!

Though very simple, I’ve no doubt this will be on the dresser for a few months to come. I like the fact that the present and card theme marry up, and it’s something a little different.

I popped this in one of my upcycled envelopes. What do you think?

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