Sporty Birthday Cake Stand

My step dad is a sports enthusiast, so ahead of his birthday, I was pleased to find a fitting illustration on the cover of Waitrose Weekend – a huge tiered cake celebrating a year of sport and food!

Birthday Cake Stand

As well as being a sports fiend, Bob is also a cake fanatic, so the picture sums him up perfectly! I decided to create a foam board birthday cake ‘card’ using the super-sized illustration.


I propped my foam board picture up using a plate stand, however you could also turn it into a jumbo fridge magnet (for laughs), or a giant badge, so you know who the birthday bod is!

This makes a great table centrepiece with cupcakes all around it, mirroring the cupcakes in the illustration. I also made a giant paper envelope so it could be opened like a traditional card.


It’s effective yet simple, AND you get to eat cake! Happy Birthday, Bob!

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