MakeGood Festival 2014

In May I told you about my upcoming adventure to the MakeGood Festival – a festival of culture, creativity and entreprenuership, which was held in London. The Festival is run by the School for Creative Startups – a business school whose motto is ‘Do what you love, love what you do.’


The festival was held at The Old Selfridges Hotel, an awesomely rugged building, perfect for a bunch of creatives to make their own. The first thing I noticed was the friendly and excitable chatter of the exhibitors. Here are my learnings from the day, as well as my favourite start-up companies!


The festival featured panel discussions from business entreprenuers, who talked about the secrets to success, the trials and tribulations, and their tips to fellow start-ups. They all talked about perserverance, of finding a niche, and investing in good packaging. Many of the food start-ups praised Waitrose for their support, and all speakers recommended finding an experienced mentor.

Aside from the talks, I explored a myriad of stalls from start-up businesses, all brimming with ideas and possibilities. There were some cracking concepts, as well as some hugely talented craftspeople.

My three favourite startups:

1) Ink Bandit – Ink Bandit designs ‘bold & quirky homewares, prints and stationery filled with adventure, fun and mischief’. I was immediately drawn in by the modern designs, and also impressed to learn that the designer, Claudette Tinsley, had built her own stand display featuring a very cool triangular shelf unit. I love the colours and sense of fun!

2) Pomp pomp  – we love to party

The lovely co-owner of pomp pomp showed me her gorgeous party kits, designed for ‘hip grown-ups and cool kids’. These kits include adorably designed paper plates, table mats, paper cups, napkins, balloons and party hats, as well as matching party bags, invitations and thank you cards.


They currently have two main themes – Let’s Go Wild – featuring flamingos, giraffes, and gorillas, and Ship Ahoy – complete with fish, anchors, waves, and boats. As well as loving the designs of the kits, and the idea generally, I was completely sold when I was offered a branded cupcake and take-away postcard kit, complete with branded cut-out ‘Pomp Pomp’ balloons. Cute!

3) Betty Etiquette – stationery for storytellers

Betty engaged visitors to her stand instantly by inviting them to make a pledge: “I pledge to put Pen to Paper to relish in moments of inky expression, to leave marks on the world that only my hand can make. I believe the pen is mightier than the screen, that magic is made in the act of giving and receiving, and each word should be written with honestly and etiquette. Signed………” This awesome pledge, combined with some exceptionally quirky stationery, makes Betty Etiquette a winner!

Betty Etiquette

If you like any of these designers, do check out their websites and show them your support! Thanks to the Creative School for Startups for a fun and inspiring day at the MakeGood Festival!

If you went – let me know if you had different favourites?


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