DIY Paper-Cut Christening Card

On Sunday, Jack and I went to our first Christening for a baby girl named Lauren. This was the first time we’d met Lauren, but as we’re huge fans of her parents, we knew we’d be sold!

To mark the occasion, we decided to make a personalised paper-cut card with a scalpel and a steady hand… you have to be careful to leave all parts connected to the main frame.

IMG_0711 USE

In Pictures:

The finished result you see here was done by Jack – he was far more skilled with the craft knife than me! If in doubt, leave it to the experts!I’d love to know what you think?

What are your Christening creations?

10 thoughts on “DIY Paper-Cut Christening Card

    • Hi Aimee, originally I did have the full DIY on here; I was cheeky and found a way to use a design from an existing die-cut card (simply by manipulating a photo of it in some design software), however I was asked by the seller (who was credited) to remove it, as they obviously want people to buy their designs, rather than make them themselves, so I see their point! Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  1. Christenings are a very meaningful occasion in a new baby’s life. We prefer to make best invitation cards. I really liked your blog. It has given me great ideas regarding DIY paper cut Christening card.

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