#DIY Paper Cut Leaf Card

Now then, whilst this is not my proudest creation – in the spirit of sharing the crafts of a craft amateur, I wanted to blog about my latest DIY – a paper cut leaf card, made for my boyfriend’s birthday!

With the Pinterest image of SMÄM in front of me, I set to work crafting what should have been a very delicate card. In fact, the cue is probably in the name – ‘paper’ leaf card, not ‘card’ leaf card.

DIY Paper Leaf Card

Despite appearances, this quirky card really is easy to make; all you need is a sheet of high quality, textured paper (don’t make my mistake of using card), and a nice sharp craft knife.

Paper Leaf Card

Folding your paper in half, hand-draw the outline of a leaf onto the front with a pencil (using a ruler for the straight line down the centre). Then, using a craft knife, carefully trace the outline to make a cut, before bending the leaves upwards gently towards the centre for the 3D effect.

I added coloured paper to the inside of my card (using wrapping paper from already-opened presents), to create some contrast, and to hide my message from being visible through the gaps on the front.

Paper Leaf Card

I would definitely make this card again (they’d make great ‘Thank You’ cards), however next time I would find a more premium paper to achieve the delicacy and simplicity of SMÄM’s original.

I love the shadows that this card produces. Not bad for a first attempt!

2 thoughts on “#DIY Paper Cut Leaf Card

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